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Apr 11

I forgot why it’s fun to be a writer.

Three chapters into my novel, and I know that plot is going to be my biggest obstacle. Coming up with things to write about? Not so hard. Coming up with things to write about that are actually relevant and contribute to the development of the story? Uuuuuuuugh.

I wouldn’t even have known what to write about in chapter three if not for my professor Aislinn Hunter (the Wonderful) giving me a suggestion. And I haven’t submitted chapter three to her yet, so I don’t know if what I wrote will turn out to be relevant, after all.

Anyway, I had a meeting with her recently about how things are going, and we discussed how plot is going to be by downfall. This may not initially sound like supportive advice, but she then suggested something that kind of hit me off guard. She told me to kill the best friend. Or the brother. Or someone, so long as they’re important to my main character.

At first I thought ‘Whoa, whoooooa, that’s way too intense for down-to-earth, slice-of-life type of writing.’ But it actually makes a lot of sense. Something has to push the story along, and why not death?! Back when I wrote fanfiction, I used to love brutally injuring or killing off characters, (Wow, I sound like a horrible person) mainly for the reaction I’d get out of my readers. Why can’t these same rules apply for regular fiction? I’m not saying I’m going to suddenly only start writing with the readers in mind, but this conversation did spark my imagination. Writing is creating, and part of the fun of creating is having the power to destroy what you’ve created. It’s much like when I was a wee child and would continually build block towers, knock them down, and then start all over again. My characters may seem at times to have a life of their own, but ultimately I’m the one who decides their fate.

So either I’ve learned something new that will help me with my writing process, or I’ve discovered I have a God complex.

Either way, not a bad Wednesday.

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